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Cat adoption

The cats taken care of by Samvetet come from a variety of backgrounds. They may be cats born in the wild, lost cats whose owners cannot be identified, or cats no longer wanted by their owners and then dumped. The cats are either placed in a foster home or in the cat shelter, until we find a permanent loving home.

Before adoption it is important to understand that these cats sometimes can have had rather unpleasant experiences. It is therefore of utmost importance that they come to a home where they can feel safe for the rest of their lives. In certain cases we stipulate special requirements, since all cats are individuals. This could mean for example that the cat must have a companion cat, or that it should have the possibility to go outdoors, etcetera.

A contract is drawn up where the adopter agrees to continue with yearly vaccinations, in addition to taking care of the cat/cats in the best possible way. We prefer that kittens are not adopted alone, alternatively that a single kitten goes to a home where there is already another cat.

Adopting a cat from Föreningen Samvetet costs 1500 SEK. Some may consider this expensive, but it only covers the absolute minimum costs we have for every cat. More often the actual expense is much higher, since many cats come to us in such bad condition that they need veterinary care and rehabilitation. We will not have a cat put down if it with the right treatment has a chance to a healthy and comfortable life. We do not make a profit, we are constantly running a deficit, which is met by donations and gifts. Samvetet, up to the time of adoption, meets the necessary veterinary costs for treating wounds, scab etc and dental work.

Even if a cat coming to us appears to be healthy it still is screened by a veterinary. All cats that come to us are vaccinated twice against cat flu and cat pest. If they are over 6 months old they are neutered or spaded, and ID marked before they are ready to move to a new home. All our cats have insurance to ensure that they get the necessary veterinary treatment as long as they remain with us. This insurance can be transferred to a new owner.
The cats that are adopted from us have already undergone the following routines where applicable for the relevant costs:
  • Castration of a female cat/ID marking ca 900 SEK
  • Castration of a male cat/ID marking ca 600 SEK
  • Vaccination ca 350 SEK
  • Chip marking 350 - 400 SEK

If you are interested in adopting, or want to know more - contact the Adoption Group by e-mail adoption@samvetet.com. Please remember that we are all volunteers and may not be immediately available.

Terms of adoption

The cats we take care of often have had a bad start in life. We therefore have certain requirements for adoption which have the cats best interests at heart. Please read them before deciding to adopt.
  • The adoption home agrees to treat the cat well.
  • The adoption home agrees to provide veterinary care in the event of illness or injury.
  • The cat shall be insured (new insurance or continuation of the insurance started by Samvetet).
  • The cat must not be put down, sold or transferred to a new owner without the approval of Samvetet.
  • Samvetet has the right to take back the cat without compensation if the cat is mistreated, not cared for or if the contract has been violated in any way.
  • The adopting home committs to castrating the cat when it reaches the appropriate age, 6-8 months.
  • Samvetet does not provide cats for breeding purposes.
  • In a built up area the cat shall be an indoor cat.
  • The adopting home agrees to home visits from a member of Samvetet.

How does adoption work

The easiest way to start the process is to make contact with the Adoption Group by e-mail adoption@samvetet.com. The Adoption Group members function as coaches. They will be looking to receive information about you and your home, and if there are other animals in the family. Together with them you can discuss which cat may be suitable. The Adoption Group can arrange for you to meet the cat either at its foster home or at the Cat Home. You take your time and do not have to decide on the spot. You can meet the cat a number of times or even look at several cats as well. Let the decision process mature.

The adoption takes place through a formal agreement. A contract is drawn up and important aspects such as insurance and registration of ownership with SKK (Swedish Kennel Club) are addressed. Before taking your cat home it is important to think about practicalities such as toilet tray, scratching accessories etc, but also if you have plants at home which are poisonous to cats. If you live in a built up area then you will need netting for your balcony. It happens that cats fall out of open windows, or fall from balconies, and die or sustain such injuries that they must be put down. For those who have not had a cat before we recommend that you read up on cats. There are many good books that even experienced cat owners can benefit from. You can always learn something useful, e.g. poisonous plants.

When all is done we will still prefer to remain in contact, and if possible have reports/photos on how our little friend is enjoying his new and happy life.

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